icon How To Manifest With A New Moon Ritual

How To Manifest With A New Moon Ritual

How To Manifest With A New Moon Ritual

A new moon ritual can be an excellent tool to manifest positive change in your life, whether you’re trying to manifest more money or improve your love life. While there are countless new moon rituals you can perform, it can be difficult to find one that actually works — and this one, using crystals, has been proven effective time and time again. Here’s how to do a new moon ritual using crystals.


Before starting a new moon ritual, it’s important to cleanse and clear your space. Burn sage, use white sage or lavender incense, or smudge with copal resin. Place crystals in sun to recharge their energy. Water can be used as well by putting them in a bowl of water overnight. Sometimes that is all that is needed to revitalize them and they are now ready for use in your ritual. If you want to deep cleanse, let them sit in salt water overnight or longer depending on how often you think they need cleansing.

Choose Your Crystals

The first step in any new moon ritual is deciding what crystals you want to use. For a manifestation new moon ritual, I recommend using stones that are powerful movers and shakers in their own right, such as hematite, sodalite, peridot, aquamarine and clear quartz. The gems will magnify your intentions when added to your ritual. For example, if you're doing a new moon ritual to find a romantic partner but choose a shiny stone like citrine or amethyst (instead of something more mundane like rose quartz), you'll be able to physically see your manifestation - a man or woman - sitting with you when you do your meditation. You can't help but visualize and believe!

 Set An Intention For This New Moon Ritual

Set an intention for your ritual. This can be anything from, I intend to heal my relationship with myself and feel whole within, to I intend to experience love in every single moment of my life, or simply I intend that all I do shall serve my highest good and greatest purpose. This is a very powerful step that should not be overlooked. Think about what you really want and focus on it throughout your ritual.

Start The Meditation/Prayer

As you sit down to begin your meditation, you’ll want to first ground yourself and call upon your guides. I prefer a guided visualization for my ground and center, but you can use whatever works best for you. Remember that it is YOUR meditation time – no one else’s - so do what’s right for YOU. You can use a guide with crystals or just create your own, as I have done below.

Burn Incense or Light Candles

There is an all-encompassing and calming energy that comes from burning incense or lighting candles. This can be a positive addition to any of your other steps, and it’s a nice way to cap off your meditation session. It also gives you something to do as you allow yourself to become fully present in whatever mindset you have chosen. Some say that incense and/or essential oils can provide additional benefits, such as cleansing negative energies from a room.

Close the Ritual

Close your ritual with a strong statement of intent or a reminder to yourself as to why you are doing all of these steps. I like to use So mote it be, which comes from ceremonial magic. Or you can use any other statement of intent that you feel works for you. Now is also a good time to meditate/visualize in order to set your intentions going forward.