icon Quick and Easy Way to Set Intentions With Crystal Bracelets

Quick and Easy Way to Set Intentions With Crystal Bracelets

Quick and Easy Way to Set Intentions With Crystal Bracelets

Quick and Easy Way to Set Intentions With Crystal Bracelets

A crystal bracelet is one of the best tools you can use to set intentions and start your day with energy and mindfulness. This quick, easy ritual can be used on any day of the week, but it’s especially effective if you do it every single morning. By setting your intention at the beginning of the day, you give yourself something to look forward to and try to improve upon, as well as giving yourself a kind of life compass that you can use throughout the day as you encounter various challenges and opportunities. A special intention bracelet can help you focus all this positive energy into one specific outcome.

Cleanse your crystals

Cleansing crystals is important because it makes sure you get a fresh start with your crystal. The easiest way to cleanse your crystals is by smudging them (burning sage around your crystals). If you don’t have sage, you can use any incense. Smudging will banish all negative energy from your crystals. When I’m feeling creative, I’ll make my own incense using herbs, fruits or flowers.

Put on your intention bracelet

An intention bracelet helps you set your intentions. First, you choose a goal or a specific intention that you want to manifest. Then, every time you put on your bracelet (ideally daily), you remind yourself of that intention. Additionally, wearing an intention bracelet can give some people a feeling of calmness and peace—it’s sort of like wearing a talisman or good luck charm.

Pick out meaningful intentions

For some, it might be as simple as getting out of debt. For others, it might be finding a new job. Regardless of what you hope to achieve, now is a great time to sit down with your crystal bracelet and set some intentions. Intention bracelets are used for setting goals—though they can also help ease stress. The same principles apply here: Choose an intention bracelet that resonates with you, then repeat your intention when placing each stone into its hole on your new bracelet.

State your intentions each morning

Before you leave for work, or as soon as you wake up, state your intentions aloud with a crystal bracelet on each wrist. Focus on what it is that you want—it can be anything from more money to better health—and affirm your intent.

Reflect on how those intentions have influenced your day
At night, when you’re winding down for bed, take a moment to reconnect with your intentions. Take out your crystal bracelet (if you use one) and make sure it’s clean. Hold it in your hands and close your eyes. Focus on what you want your day tomorrow will look like. When you’re ready, say a little prayer of intention that thanks the universe for everything that happens in your day tomorrow—both good things and bad things.