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Sound Healing

What are the benefits of sound healing, and why should you try it?

Sound healing does wonders for those who are feeling lost or lonely. It balances the soul and sets it at ease again - leading to a sensation of peace and serenity - all while leaving you with a renewed sense of purpose, wellbeing, calmness, and happiness. For many centuries now, there's been evidence suggesting sound therapy can heal the body through soothing waves of words that penetrate deep inside us. Think about it; every time you hear your favorite song, don't you feel happy?
Tibetan Chime Singing Bowl

These sound bowls will support you in your daily spiritual practice and beyond. Benefits of sound healing include balancing your chakras, clearing your energies from lower vibrations, boosting your health, increasing your sleep productivity, and supporting mental and spiritual well-being.

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7PCS Chakra Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

Crystal singing chakra sound bowls for your studio, home, and sound healing needs. This 7 piece set is perfect for any studio, home, or individual who is looking to bring more healing into their lives through sound. Sound bowls have many benefits including reducing stress, stimulating calm brain waves, promotes happiness and peace.

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